Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012

I don't plan to gloat, that's not what Obama's win should be about. 

However, I am shocked at the number of people that I see online (FB, Twitter, blogs, etc) spewing hate and anger.  I can only surmise these are bitter people who feel they were wronged in some way by the outcome of the election.  I feel sorry for them.  I know, had Romney taken the presidency, I would be sad.  I would feel as if we were headed down a terrible path.  I would be afraid.  Maybe the hate and anger is coming from those places inside these people.

BUT, I can honestly say, I never would have behaved the way some folks are IF Obama hadn't won.  I wouldn't be online bashing our president.  I wouldn't be attacking friends and strangers for their decision.  I wouldn't be insulting.  I know I would have gone quiet. 

I hope this country can come together and realize that the only way we can accomplish our goals is through compromise.  I hope our elected officials plan to work together this time and not block EVERYTHING just because it comes from a party that might not be their own.  I want so much more for my son, my sisters, my parents...everyone I love.  I want America to be great because I know we have the potential to be that!  We've been great and although we have moments of greatness, we're not currently great as a whole and that's what we need to be.

I do believe Obama can continue to lead us down the right path.  He has already begun doing what he promised and if he had the support of the Senate AND the House, we would be so much more successful as a nation.

I think we ALL want success for our country.  I just hope we ALL realize what it will take to BE successful and the bitterness will die down. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Insurance Companies Can Take A Flying Leap With a Parachute That I'll Pack!

I think, by now, everyone I know has experienced some sort of frustration or irritation with health insurance companies. I swear, they are more of a hindrance in obtaining proper health care than they are a help most times! Sadly, I think many people get so confused with all the paperwork or phone calls they have to muddle through to get things they might need, that they give up!

Recently, I have had a most frustrating experience and I am told that it is quite a common occurrence. This galls me.

Over a month ago I obtained a prescription for medication that my son NEEDS; not WANTS, but actually NEEDS! The pharmacy tech said there was a "problem" so she couldn't dispense the full amount, but she would give me 7 days worth. She said I should contact my doctor.

I called the doctor, somewhat stressed, but I was assured this would be fine. Within twenty four hours I was told I could return, pick up a new prescription for the same meds, and it would be filled because the office had been in contact with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and were told the prescription would now be covered.

I did all of that AND when I went to get the meds, I was told they were NOT covered. Several phone calls later and I was told my pre-authorization was approved in error and the doctor would need to prescribe a different medicine. I was LIVID because the meds my son was on were WORKING BEAUTIFULLY!

The nurse practitioner explained this happens more often than not and it's sad, but we just have to "work the system" as best we can. I was infuriated that someone who has NEVER laid eyes on my child and doesn't know ANYTHING about him could exert such control in his life!

Twenty four hours later I returned to the pharmacy armed with a new prescription. New meds. Now, we would endure another "adjustment period" and pray the meds worked. A week later, my frustration was almost at full throttle because the meds were NOT working like the first ones.

Again, I head to the pharmacy with a NEW prescription and mentally prepare myself for another "adjustment period". We start the meds and within days it's apparent there is a problem. These meds aren't it either. Even my child, an 8 year old, KNOWS the meds aren't working and he's confused as to why we can't have the first prescription he was on.

I now want to scream and shake someone until they make it right! My son is suffering and being used as a guinea pig! HOW can this be right??? HOW is this ok???

Do you know what this ALL boils down to?? It comes down to money. Not even A LOT of money, but it comes down to that. Blue Cross/Blue Shield does NOT want to pay for the medication that WORKS for my child because it costs slightly more than the others. They want me to "try" him on several different medications to see if they work and then they will re-evaluate his case and see if they would POSSIBLY be willing to pay for the medication that works! DISGUSTING!

I'm sickened by their blatant disregard for the health and well being of the people they are supposed to serve. I am NOT asking for a medication that is "not medically necessary". I am NOT demanding name brands; generics are fine! This is NOT an optional medication! It is something my child NEEDS and the insurance company seems to feel they know better than his own doctor and decided to DENY his medication!

Now, we are in the process of petitioning Blue Cross/Blue Shield AGAIN to have them give my son what he truly needs; what he DESERVES! We may win this time, the nurse says, because we have tried other meds, but at what expense? My son's health and well being has been and continues to be compromised by nameless, faceless, executives who sit high up in their posh office buildings and hand down decisions that are, quite frankly, ridiculous and unfair.

It's sad that a few extra dollars takes precedence over the quality of life of an innocent child. I wonder, if it were a child of one of these decision makers, would things be different? Would the medications be approved with NO issue? I'm absolutely sure the approvals would flow forth then.

Health care in our country has taken a backseat to many things and it's appalling. I get that it's a business, but it's still a business that provides a service; a much needed service and they are failing miserably.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not a fool...

If there is one thing I have learned and found to be very valuable in my life, it's the ability to KNOW when I am being "played". We ALL get played every now and again and it sucks. But, we move on because it's the way of the world. Some people just find it easier to play than to be real.

Let me make this clear, I am NOT in the market for fake friends. If you can't BE my friend or don't even WANT to be; it's cool. I don't need you to pretend we're friends. If something happened and you feel we're NOT friends anymore, let's agree to disagree and move on. I've got no time for silliness. I'm busy and most of the people I know, with the exception of a few, are very busy people as well. So, why kid ourselves? WHY continue on pretending?

I KNOW who my real friends are and there was a time, I'll admit, even within the last few years, that I tried to be a type of person I'm not to fit with certain others. But, that's not me and the people they are don't want to BE friends with who I am and THAT is fine.

So, essentially, what THIS blog is, is NOT a woe is me cry for attention, it is a letter to all those reading it, who may be just "playing nice" with me, to give you the green light to let our FAKE friendship go.

In the end, I know the people who will be standing by me and I know they are people I can depend on. I realize who and what I am; I know my brutal honesty can sometimes come across as an intent to hurt, but if being honest hurts, I can't help that.

Do me a favor, be honest with me and yourselves and step away from the people you are just "pretending" with, including me. We'll ALL be better for it.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ok, most of you know me for my opinions and my willingness to be vocal about them, but this blog is a little different. This blog is FOR someone else. This is about Christmas Spirit and bringing that spirit into the home of a family who doesn't have much right now.

I understand MANY of us are suffering in one way or another and this time of year things become extra hard for some, but this family, The Keown's, have suffered more than most.

Michelle and Alan Keown were in a car accident caused by a BMW who cut them off. Their car hit a guard rail and then flipped over several times. The driver of the BMW fled the scene and suffers no financial responsibility. Alan was in a coma and when he came out of it, he found he was to be confined to a wheelchair for an undetermined amount of time, maybe forever. Michelle, a housewife & mother, fared better, but now she must take care of her husband who was the breadwinner.

The couple have two little girls, ages 8 & 5. The children have explained that they understand that Christmas is about family and NOT about gifts, but it breaks my heart to think they will have NO Christmas. Like their parents, the girls worry about the hard times the family has fallen on. Money is tight and they struggle to take care of the most basic things.

I am issuing a plea for help but please know, Michelle and Alan have NOT asked me to do this. The family's plight was brought to me by an outside source and I contacted Michelle to find out more information. They are people who have ALWAYS done for others and, in fact, the day of the accident, they were on their way home from the house of an elderly couple where they were volunteering time to fix up the couple's home.

I believe in Paying It Forward. I believe these are the type of people Pay It Forward was made for. They deserve Christmas as much as anyone else. They need our help.

If you can send gifts, gift cards, would be appreciated. I will not collect the items myself. You can send anything directly to the family who lives RIGHT in my neighborhood.

Michelle & Alan Keown
608 W. Schulylkill Road
Apt 325
Pottstown, PA 19465


Monday, November 22, 2010

Setting things straight

I've heard "DON'T STEAL THE JOY OF OTHERS" a few times lately. Sometimes directed at me but mostly directed at others.

Well, isn't THAT a funny statement?

Especially coming from people who constantly spout things like "You're only as happy as you make your mind up to be" and "Joy can only be found within oneself" and "I am the keeper of my own happiness".

IF these statements are true, the opinions of others, should NOT take away your joy.

Let's get some pesky things out of the way about me.

I AM opinionated.

I AM vocal.

I AM NOT a hypocrite.

I DO NOT do things just to please others.

I DO NOT blow sunshine up the asses of people to make myself more likable. that we got THAT out of the way, let's get back to YOUR joy.

KEEP your joy. If YOUR joy is YOURS, I can't have it anyway. I can't take it and run away with it and hide it.

If I can take YOUR joy, YOU weren't quite as happy as YOU thought YOU were.

So, get over it. Let me be me and you be you and I can have my opinions and you can have yours.

It's really rather easy.

Try may find you like it.

AND, if you can't do that and accept WHO I am, then maybe we're not the friends we thought we were.

Monday, November 8, 2010

For our MOST LOYAL fans...

So, it's been 5 days since the announcement that rocked the NKOTB & BSB Worlds and the fun hasn't stopped.

We are now a community divided with hurt, upset, and angry words being splashed across Twitter for all to see.

Some of us are happy & excited while others are disappointed & disenchanted.

Now, today, or rather, sometime last night, word got around about the NEW NKOTB fan club.

A fan club? Really? And to say "For Our Most Loyal Fans..."? WOW! That's pretty brazen and hurtful.

I guess we're NOT the MOST LOYAL fans if we don't buy this membership. I suppose the way we were all waiting for NKOTB's return in April 2008 meant nothing. I guess how we followed their individual careers and hung on faithfully for over 20 years meant nothing in the grand scheme of things because THIS is all just about business & money. Sleeping outside, waiting in rain, outdoor rain soaked concerts, lining up days in advance for a chance to meet the men we so love means absolutely nothing.

For 2+ years we gave our devotion, our time, and, yes, OUR MONEY. We did all of it gladly and gratefully. We didn't complain. We traveled to see them, some of us farther than others, but we did it. We welcomed them back with open arms and thanked them profusely because, well, we were so glad to have them!

They came back for US, right?

We were told that they were back to show the world we were NEVER some stupid, little, kids who didn't know what they were talking about. Isn't that the speech?

We were assured that it was all out of LOVE that they did what they did and we WERE APPROPRIATELY GRATEFUL!


Doesn't seem like it's all so cut & dry anymore, does it?

Now, it's MONEY. Each and every one of us, along with BSB fans, have become NOTHING but dollar signs. I can almost hear the "Cha-Ching" of the register in the distance.

My outrage, hurt, and disappointment isn't JUST about the money. It's not. I think I have proven that with the concerts I attended and the places I traveled to.

THIS is principle.

We've been told we are family, we are loved, we are NOT a dollar sign!

There was a statement made, not too long ago, that went like this "Our fans do not have to PAY to be fans."

Oh, really? I see.

So, now, our choice is to NOT pay and miss out OR PAY and get "perks" that we used to always get anyway.

Hmmmm. But, this ISN'T about MONEY, is it?

I'm NOT stupid. I know all of this has to be somewhat about money. BUT we were lead to believe the emphasis was on the love, the family...the emphasis was on US. Now, it's not. There's nothing special about our "thing" anymore. In fact, I don't think we have a "thing" anymore. I feel like our "boyfriends" just pretty much dumped us and moved onto greener pastures. Now, our "thing" includes a whole other band, their fans, and new fees.

Not very heartwarming and personal now, huh?

I love NKOTB. I've loved them since I was 12 yrs old and had NO idea why just looking at them made my tummy flip or my face flush when I got near them. I won't stop being a fan. I'm just crushed by all the "new" that has been heaped upon us. I feel foolish for feeling hurt in this way.

The phrase "Get in where you fit in" has been rolling around my head. We all, as NKOTB fans, KNOW who says that to us. Well, now, I am sad to say, I don't think there IS a place for me in the future of NKOTB. I feel as if I am being forced out and discounted. I DON'T matter. I mattered before OR, at least, I felt I did. Maybe THAT was MY naivete. That's my fault.

Shame on me for believing.

I won't be so quick to make that mistake again.

I won't give them my heart so that they can carelessly toss it aside & not treat it as the gift that I know it is.

I hurt to see so many of my sisters hurt. Just know, no matter where you stand on this issue, if you're my friend, that comes above all else. I actually keep my promises.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

NKOTB & BSB turn into...WHAT?

I never thought I'd say this, but I feel an odd kinship with SOME BSB fans. A kinship born of a feeling of hurt & betrayal.

Until now, I really didn't even consider BSB fans. I don't really KNOW them. I don't follow BSB, I don't KNOW BSB's music, and I don't have a desire to get to know either. They weren't ON my radar. I didn't even know what they looked like until June of this year.

When those four men invaded the stage at RCMH I seriously looked at my friends like "Who the hell are these guys?" MANY fans around us had the same reaction. I only KNEW because one of my friends, who happens to be considerably younger, sat to the top of her chair and her mouth dropped open. For HER it was amazing. She was seeing two bands she LOVED on stage, together. I didn't care much. Her reaction made me smile, though. I even took a pic of HER. I took some pics FOR her. I wasn't excited and I didn't sing or dance. In fact, I answered some texts and checked my Twitter account. It was no big event for me.

Fast forward to this Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010...NOW, it became a big event for me, but not a good one.

At 11:30 in the morning I was in front of my laptop waiting to hear news I simply was dreading. Waiting to hear what I had hoped were just silly rumors. When the announcement was made, I couldn't even wrap my head around it. Really? Did they really just DO this? Did they even listen when so many of us expressed sadness and upset over the possibility of this decision? Did they care?

In just minutes I went through a range of emotion but in the end, I was just left feeling sad & disappointed. I had been let down by the 5 men I had followed jointly & individually for over 20 years. Men that I believed in and thought would NEVER sell out for money and would NEVER sell me...sell US...out. I felt stupid and I felt used. I felt as if I was part of the process for them to get what they wanted. Just a stepping stone on their way to becoming what they needed to be. I had NEVER felt that way before. I had only associated NKOTB with positive thoughts before now.

So, the bottom dropped out of my fangirl world and, maybe, that was ok. Maybe it was time it happened.

I mean, really, they aren't super heroes. They're regular guys. They have families and obligations and jobs outside of this group I love. If they choose to merge with BSB, who the hell am I to berate them for it? So, I didn't berate them. I didn't slam anyone. I didn't go after BSB. I DID express my hurt & disappointment. I DID find others who shared my views. I can't change what's happening. I can't make this tour that I think is wrong on so many levels, end.

But, I can be upset. I can feel let down. I have that right.

NO ONE can tell me I haven't got that right. AND, I am not a negative person. I don't hate either of these groups, especially NKOTB. I love NKOTB.

People want those of us who are upset to shut up or disappear. That won't happen. Rude blogs directed at us & tweets telling us to get over it and quit complaining won't help. We're not complaining. We know this is what it is. We just want our voice heard. All the people who support the merger are vocal. We haven't been able to get away from the incessant chatter over it. If the SQEEEEEE'ing and giddyness isn't leaving, then our disappointment isn't going anywhere just yet either.

I know many women keeping their feelings to themselves for fear of being bashed by their "friends". They feel the same way I do. They feel betrayed and they don't know what they'll do when tickets go on sale. Sure, we'll all get over it. Things will settle down and we'll all go back to talking about things on Twitter that don't evoke such volatile emotion.

Until that time, I ask that we all practice tolerance. We can do it. We can respect one another's differing opinions without being bitchy or nasty. I have faith in us.

And...that's all I have to say. I hope those of you who didn't understand, now understand a little better. I tried to sum this up as best I could and not write a novel. ;)

If you got his far...thanks for reading...