Monday, October 18, 2010

Immaturity cannot be tolerated

I am a 35 year old single mother. I have a fullfilling life with friends and family and the ocassional guy that I meet out. I am NOT a 15 year old high school girl wanting to play petty games with petty people.

I am sorry if certain people feel the answers they have gotten from me are less than stellar. I don't claim perfection. I only claim to be who I am and oftentimes I am a chaotic mess. I try very hard to keep an open mind in my day to day dealings with people. I also try to understand and see things from the view that they might see things from.

HOWEVER, with that said, there is ONE thing I will no longer tolerate. I will NOT entertain the blatant abuse of my friends by people who feel they have been "slighted" by me in some way. Do NOT go through mutual friends to try and gain the answers you seek from me. AND, do NOT think my answers will change just because you harass them. In fact, it makes me even more certain that my decision to cut YOUR negativity from my life, was the correct one.

I am NOT anyone special. I am NOT the person you need approval from to continue on with your life. Get over it. We can't be friends for whatever reason BUT we can be civil. We can conduct ourselves as the adults we are. We can respect ourselves and our friends and behave in the manner in which our age dictates.

Please stop making yourself look foolish and immature. Please think before you involve people who never needed to be put in the middle of whatever mess you think is still ongoing. Please stop HURTING people to get what YOU want. It's unacceptable. It's immature. AND, frankly, it is beneath you.

I certainly hope the people behaving in such a deplorable manner begin to think their actions through. They only stand to lose friends and respect in acting this way. It's sad.