Saturday, August 7, 2010

I know a girl...

I know a girl and you all should know her, too. Maybe someday you will. She's one of those people everyone wants to know and, honestly, everyone should know.

I know this girl and she's funny, sweet, and kind. She's clever, snarky, and quirky in her ways. She's beautiful both inside and out and she has a personality people are simply drawn to like moths to a flame.

I know a girl who is hard on herself and judges things she does more critically than most people I know. She strives to be her best in all that she does and whether she knows it or not, she succeeds.

I know a girl who dances through life with a smile, even over the pitfalls, and when she has to, she struggles with grace.

I know a girl who is proud, giving, and, yet, can be selfless.

When that girl reads this, she'll know this is about her. She'll know.

I love her. She lives in my heart. She makes me smile, laugh, and thank God every day she is a part of my world.

She is my sister. My friend.