Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another BLOG account??

Yes, my faithful friends, I have created another blog account.

I know, I'm a pain in the ass. I get it. But, my other account is strictly about my single mommydom and this is more WHOLE LIFE!

Yeah, aren't all of you lucky! You get to read about my daily crap on Twitter and then come to my blog, if you want to, and read about my foolishness here as well.

Bless you for reading it and even caring. I love you all. Even those who disagree and dislike what I say or dislike me. It's all good.


Just to clear a few things up...

Now, most of us know, IF we're in the NKOTB sister/brotherhood, that BSB took the stage with our guys Saturday, 6/19/2010, at Radio City Music Hall.

I say "Good for them." & "How nice."

Some of my "sisters" are VERY upset that NKOTB and BSB may tour together, while others are THRILLED. Then, there are those of us, who are...well...not on board, but we don't care to hate either. I fall into that last category. I am a puzzle to some of my sisters who have come to me, privately, and asked why I wouldn't like to see NKOTB and BSB tour together.

My answer...just to clear things up?

I do not care for the music BSB puts out. I do not hate them. I do not hope their comeback sinks like the Titanic. I do not personally care about their group or music. That's all.

I really don't think I would buy tickets to see NKOTB & BSB on tour together so it makes me a little sad that this "rumor" is in the air and that "lead players" have "unofficially confirmed" that it will happen. I love those 5 Boston Boys. I have loved them forever and WILL love them forever.

Will I see them on stage with BSB again? Not likely.

Does this mean I will never SEE NKOTB on stage again? *sigh* That makes me terribly sad to think that my ONLY option is to see them with a group I don't really care for.

I do NOT want to compete for tickets with BSB fans. Our competition among the sisters and brothers of the New Kids community is already VERY intense. We sit at our computers on ticket release day with tension that rivals the President having to launch a nuclear attack on a nation. Once our tickets are purchased, the relief is so great we oftentimes laugh until we cry. It's a very stressful and emotional process because we LOVE our guys so much and want to be there in the best seats possible to see them!

Additionally, I have never been a "boy band" fan in the sense that I LOVE all the music put out by pop boy band sensations. I am an NKOTB fan. That's all. It's simple.

I am hearing that women are planning to buy tickets to the shows but not sit in their seats until NKOTB comes on. Ok...that's an option, I guess.

I am also hearing that some of our sisters plan to sit while BSB performs. Another plan, I suppose.

I don't think those options are for me right now.

I think not fighting for tickets and just not going would be for me IF the two bands do decide to tour together.

I can't even name you ONE BackStreet Boy...really. OH, wait, I lied! Saturday night I was told by my sweet, 25 yr old, BH sister that her fave is Nick. Damn...wasn't he married to Jessica Simpson? I didn't see HIM on stage! I dunno. *shrugs*

So, for all you lovely sisters who ADORE BSB...I am happy for YOU if this comes about.

For all you hating on the idea...don't hate. It's just not nice and rather silly.

But, for those of you, like me, that are disappointed and want to cry at the thought of fighting for tickets and having to deal with the fans of another boy band merging with ours...I extend a hand to you.

We'll get over it. It's not the end of the world. It's a concert for crying out loud.

Secretly, though, I hope it's all "possible" chatter and it goes away as the time passes. That's all.

So, those are my thoughts. Take them. Leave them. Hate them. LOL! Hate me. Love me. Whatever. It's just how I feel.